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Storytelling Through Connection 

I have always wanted to help people, but often come up empty-handed. Backpacking around the world as an 18-year-old can do two things to a person; make them feel hopeless to the extent of defeat or convict them with a profound purpose. 

Journalism and design are mirrors. I chose this major as an undergraduate because I wanted to help reflect people's lives, positive or negative, on the world. I wanted to lift people up and call people out. Communication is more than projecting what we want people to believe about us, it is about learning how to hear and be heard in a world of 7.5 billion voices. In the process, I learned that there are many sides to every story, and a well-informed, historically sound, articulate author is often hard to find. This sparked my Master's degree in theology where I honed my reading, writing,  public speaking, and communications skills.


In the process, I learned how to care for communities through hard and soft skills, how to be a non-anxious presence in the midst of crisis, and how to effectively grow people's potential through spiritual care, health and wellness, and being a mirror to their own strengths. 


Marjorie Anne Foster is known for her leadership, organization, communication, curiosity, creativity, and adaptability. Foster’s most impactful experience during her undergraduate career was Multifaith Scholars, a two-year, closely mentored, experientially rich, and academically rigorous scholarship program. From 2018 - 2020 Foster conducted research on the experiences of college-age Muslims in the South Eastern United States. Her work has since been published in multiple journals, read at multiple conferences, and awarded nationally. For Foster, the work came to life when she was able to sit with students and hear their stories. The papers and multimedia content seemed to write themselves as Foster dove into creatively displaying their stories to an audience larger than her academic community. In seeing the gaps in spaces where people of different backgrounds could learn about others, Foster created a partnership with the local Mosque that brought Elon students to Friday prayer and lunch with the mosque leaders. The partnership still exists today.  


During the spring of 2020, Foster received a Princeton in Asia, Peace Corps, and Fulbright placements. Due to Covid 19, Foster shifted her plans and received a full academic scholarship to Emory University’s Candler School of Theology. Her focus was world religions and modern religious thought. While classes remained virtual, Foster started her own paddleboard and surf tour company in Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina.


Outside of her ocean activities, Foster conducted an internship with South Carolina Interfaith Power and Light where she was able to bring together knowledge on interfaith, event coordination, multimedia design and communications, organization, and management. Upon arriving in Atlanta in 2021, Foster explored her interest in the intersection of ministry with communal health while working with a homeless ministry in downtown Atlanta (Church of the Common Ground). During that time Foster discovered her passion for working with diverse populations within a small, tight-knit team. Her work with narratives, people, and communities allowed her to continue her research in effective methods to grow people’s potential through spiritual care, health, and wellness. 


Upon graduation, Foster returned to Surf Hatteras Premier Surf camp, serving as the Assistant Director of their new location. After a summer of cooking, photography, videography, managing staff and campers, and lots of sweet waves, Foster is now seeking employment in Atlanta, GA. She hopes to fill a role that allows her to work directly with individuals, while also utilizing her organizational and administrative skills. Working in a diverse and encouraging team is essential when looking for her next career move. Foster hopes to be a part of an organization that favors mentorship, teamwork, and flexibility. 

She is looking for a job that has the interests of individuals at the center and who actively seek to provide a voice to those that have never been heard. Her future job aspirations entail writing and producing work that reflects her passions and helps the surrounding community. She hopes to be able to write, edit, mentor, photograph, and record stories with depth and a level of investment that serves whomever she is working with.


Some of her past work has been centered on lifestyle, religious conflict, interfaith, and environmental conservation.



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