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Travel Writing & Nonprofit Consulting

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My heart, interest, and time have been devoted to helping nonprofits achieve their mission through sustainable fundraising. The process can be daunting, so let me be a friendly face through the process. 


6 month, 1 year, or 5 year fundraising strategies are the key to success. I take your unique needs into consideration and develope a plan that works for you and your org. 

Prospect Research 

The most important step! I will create a database of 30+ potential funders with detailed information on each opportunity. 

Grant Writing 

Your time is precious. Let me write your proposals with years of industry knowledge. 

Glenn Scott, NC

“Marjorie Anne Foster is as brilliant as she is empathetic. And always, it seems, she is energetic if not electric as a storyteller with a social and spiritual conscience. Once I began working with Marjorie Anne on her impressive undergraduate research projects (which you can read about in other LinkedIn postings here), I began to realize how wide she had extended her network at Elon. I can't count the number of students -- of all types -- who approached to tell me that "MA is my friend!" She will bring her positive force and productivity to any organization, any cohort, any person lucky enough to be drawn to her orbit. I recommend her without reservation.

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