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Story Telling Through Connection 

About Me

Welcome to a small piece of my world.

My writing journey began when I was 18 and backpacked around the world. I discovered a profound sense of purpose in capturing people's stories there. This led me to pursue journalism and design in my undergraduate studies, aiming to reflect diverse lives and stories to the masses accurately.

With a Master's degree in Theology, I honed my communication, nonprofit strategy, marketing, fundraising, and community care skills. After graduating, I joined a Non-Profit consulting group that builds fundraising and communications strategies for organizations across the U.S. My work has spanned from raising funds for voter education, running communications campaigns for Historically Black Colleges and Universities, creating proposals for environmental initiatives in the Deep South, and writing strategies for organizations to double their funding. Through it all, I have loved sharing my experiences as a writer for various newspapers, organizations, magazines, and my blog.

I have always been an avid traveler. From road trips through Europe when I was six, to gap years after highschool, and semesters abroad during college, I could never get enough. My passion is of learning and living in these countries has led me to commence on an exciting adventure starting Fall 2024. 

In the News:

I won a Hearst Innovation Storytelling Competition with my research, which seeks to create a bridge between different religious traditions. I also won a conference award for Best Undergraduate Research Paper. Additionally, I received the PERCS Outstanding Ethnography Award and the William Moseley Brown Leadership Award. I was a winner and grand prize winner in the Multimodal Writing Competition and had my research paper published in the Elon Journal. Was selected to speak at Elon University's 2020 Bacchelorate ceremony



With strengths in cross-cultural understanding, oral and written communication, curiosity, and an innovative spirit, my mission is to bring people's, place's, organization's, and brand's stories to life. Whether it be to increase user engagement, secure grant funding, or spread awareness about their products, causes, or interests, I love taking creative approaches that tell a holistic story. 


My vision is for people to feel seen. Whether showcasing a boutique hotel or a low-budget non-profit, I aim to ensure every voice is heard. I ease fundraising challenges with captivating storytelling, promote eco-tourism through all-access travel guides, and foster mutual understanding between diverse groups with innovative research, strategy, and design. Through my work, I strive to connect every story with a wider audience.

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