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I have always wanted to help people, but have always come up empty-handed. Backpacking around the world as an 18-year-old can do two things to a person; make them feel hopeless to the extent of defeat or convict them with a profound purpose. 


I tried building wells and schools and soccer fields. I handed out food kits and gave vaccines. I learned languages and taught languages, but all of that left the community and me feeling the weight of defeat. It wasn’t until I started to listen and write that I felt like I had a purpose in all of these communities. For the first time, it wasn’t about changing or helping people, it was about giving them a voice. 


Journalism is a mirror. I chose this major because I want to help reflect people lives, good or bad, to the world. I want to lift people up and call people out. Communications is more than projecting what we want people to believe about us, it is about learning how to hear and be heard in a world of 7.5 billion voices. 


 Marjorie Anne has worked for a small scale newspaper and ran small business’ social media. Each of those taught her that no matter who or where a person is, communications is about relationships and individuals. 


She is looking for a job that has the interests of individuals at the center and who actively seek to provide a voice to those that have never been heard. Her future job aspirations entail writing and producing work that reflects her passions and helps the surrounding community. She hopes to be able to write, edit, photograph and record stories with depth and a level of investment that serves whomever she is working with. 


Some of her past work has been centered on lifestyle, religious conflict and interfaith and environmental conservation.



Marjorie Anne Foster in the News:


Marjorie Anne Foster ’20 won the conference award for Best Undergraduate Research Paper with her topic, “Negotiating Islamophobia: The Experiences of College-Age Muslims in North Carolina"


- Awarded the The PERCS Outstanding Ethnography Award and the William Moseley Brown Leadership Award 



- Winner of the Multimodal Writing Competition


Research Paper published in the Elon Journal 


- Celebrating Undergraduate Research



- The Meaning of the Journey: Personal Stories of Change




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