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Open Coffee Tab, Free T-shirts and $300 Worth of Prize Money Draws in Large Crowd for Danieley Neigh

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Fifty to sixty students, faculty and staff gathered together to test their knowledge on Winter Term themed questions about media, politics, health and intercultural engagement.

Students and faculty gathered at Oak House on Monday night as they prepared for trivia hosted by the Danieley Neighborhood. Students were in small groups with one faculty representative as they waited to receive their trivia questions. 

First place winners all left with $50 Visa gift cards, second places winners left with $25 Visa gift cards and third place winners left with “neighborhood swag bags” featuring items from all residential neighborhoods.

The teams answered questions related to the Winter Term themes of media, politics, health and intercultural engagement. The questions ranged from; “Who is the oldest President in history?”, “How many bones are in the human body?” to “What social media outlet is the most commonly used monthly cite?”

Coordinator for the Danieley Center Camilla Brewer said this event was planned for people to have fun, get out and hear more about the Danieley Neighborhood. “People love trivia,” Brewer said. “We also get to support a small business and have students interact more with faculty and staff.”

Trivia players came to claim big prizes, support their fellow Daniely staff members and to “gain street credit,” according to First Year Isabel Smith. “I don’t know a lot about trivia,” said Smith. “But I think my team has the dedication to bring home the big bucks.”

First year Amanda Gibson said the involvement of the faculty made the night even better. “Each team had a faculty member join them, and I think that made the night so much fun,” Gibson said. “Plus, if we didn’t have a faculty member, I don’t think we would have gotten half the answers that we did.”

“What I attempt to do is plan events that bridge the intellectual and the social,” Daniely Faculty Director Colin Donohue said. “I really thought that this was a great way to address the Winter Term themes.”

Students were able to interact and learn more about these themes, which they oftentimes don't have the time to do in a compact Winter Term course, explained Donohue.

The winning team consisted of First-Years Rachel Bieing, Madeline Henderson, Hayley Risk and Chloe Gillespie who said they were going to spend their winnings back at Oak House. “I feel really empowered,” said Bieling. “We didn’t even have a faculty member to help, but I would say COM 100 was our secret strategy.”

Other events hosted by the Daniely Center are the Pumpkin Carve in the Fall, Chicken Pickin’ in the spring, and monthly community dinners.

Donohue said he was very pleased with the night and hopes to identify other events to host that would not only benefit the Danieley community, but also the University.

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